Monday, 3 June 2013

Madonna: 80's Icon as Fashion Leader

The fashion world of 80s was truly got ruled by the Madonna. She was and she is the most preferred style icon. It would not turn wrong if you say that 80s fashion world is nothing without the name of Madonna. Madonna style is the only alternative when you think about the 80s fancy dress ideas. The 80s fashion was very much focused on showing the long hair banded with colorful strips. Along with this look, bagging something purse like items on the right shoulder was creating the craziest effect during those days. This retro style is very much popular by the name Madonna 1980s. 

The fashion leader Madonna never limited her on using classy attire but she also made good use of bracelets, dangling earrings, glasses and attractive necklaces. She truly ruled the 80s fashion world by giving unbelievable changes to the style of that era. This is the main reason behind her popularity and iconic personality.(Source: 1980smemories)

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